Tips for Using a Quote Board to Inspire You Toward Your Goals

I’m always talking with people about goal setting. I guess I always assume that we all have clearly defined goals. The problem is, sometimes we need inspiration. That’s where famous sayings and quotes come in handy! A really great way to find and document inspiration is to use a quote board.

Quote boards come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a couple versions I’ve seen:

Scattered: some people like to take a white board or big piece of paper and just write down a bunch of quotes. No real flow. Just random chaos. It’s a creative way of presenting inspiration.
Sticky Notes: A variation of the first, you can also write quotes on sticky notes. The notes can still be on one your board, but you can snag, remove and use as needed.
Formal Grid: For all you organizationals out there, a more formal quote board might be a good fit. You can either have them laid out randomly on a grid, or take it one step further and list them by category. For example, quotes that make me feel happy or quotes that get me motivated.
You might also want to think about using pictures or colors to brighten up your board. It’s really up to your imagination how you build it.

Now lets talk about how to use a quote board for inspiration.

Blog ideas: Have a hard time coming up with new blog posts? Use your quote board! Base a post on one of your favorite quotes. It doesn’t take much to write 500 words about a quote that inspires you.
Kick in the ass: We all have our downer days. Get in the habit of going straight to your quote board whenever you’re feeling low. Grab a quote and carry it with you for the day. Every time you feel blue, pull it out and get rejuvinated.
Thanks: I don’t think any of us send out enough thank you notes. I’m not talking about email or texts. I’m talking about good ‘ol fashioned handwritten thank you notes. Pull out your pen and paper and throw one of your favorite quotes in there.
Hopefully this has given you some ideas on using a quote board. It doesn’t have to be fancy. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It just needs to be a creative compilation of sayings that warm your heart or move your soul.

Need help finding some great quotes? I’d start online. Do a search for “motivational quotes” or “funny quotes” or “spiritual quotes”. It really depends on what YOU need.

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